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   sublim (Adjective)

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to sublime - sublimierenLast post 07 Feb 12, 10:18
From m-w.com: sub·lime verb \\sə-ˈblīm\\ Definition of SUBLIME transitive verb 1: 0 Replies
Sublime doorLast post 26 Sep 06, 01:24
http://www.armeniancatholic.org/inside.php?lang=en&page_id=23 Therefore, following the gover…1 Replies
antique sublimeLast post 23 Apr 10, 09:19
"N.'s style might be framed in terms of the "antique sublime", the use of deliberate weather…2 Replies
sublimeLast post 11 Aug 20, 17:44
webster's Derzeit wird "sublime" (das englische Adjektiv) auf deutsch unter anderem mit "su…4 Replies
the Sublime Porte - die Hohe PforteLast post 08 Mar 04, 22:11
http://www.britannica.com/eb/article?eu=71926; http://www.xipolis.net/suche/abstract.php?sho…0 Replies
terror of the sublimeLast post 20 Mar 11, 06:14
Quelle: Robert J.C. Young "Terror Effects". The terror of the sublime re-emerges as affect …3 Replies
superb sublime terrific splendid grandiose fantastic grandiose grandiloquent wonderful - grandiosLast post 16 Oct 10, 11:45
Eine grandiose Persönlichkeit. A terrific, etc. person. From different sources.1 Replies
a sublime right-foot volleyLast post 12 Dec 07, 11:45
Hallo an alle! Habe diesen Ausdruck heute in der Zeitung gelesen; dabei kommt es mir auf da…2 Replies
subtle tricks on the sublimeLast post 07 May 07, 01:40
Hallo, ich bin gerade dabei einen Text von Mike Davis zu lesen und komme an dieser Stelle ni…1 Replies
from the sublime to the patheticLast post 22 Jul 18, 13:22
Player X. is someone who can really not be classified, as he ranges from the sublime to the …5 Replies