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Design & TechnologyLast post 06 Sep 09, 19:09
Liebe alle, ich bin gerade über die Abkürzung „DT“ in einem Lehrplan gestolpert und ha13 Replies
technology cycle time - Technologie LebenszyklusLast post 12 Jul 06, 08:50
It is the average time to embody new technology in commercially viable products.1 Replies
impressing technology - bestechende Technik / \tbestechende TechnologieLast post 18 Sep 13, 12:34
http://dict.leo.org/ende/index_de.html#/search=impressing%20technology&searchLoc=0&resultOrd2 Replies
Language TechnologyLast post 01 Feb 06, 21:58
In the infinite realms of the internet, I just stumbled upon this quote: "The real technolo…22 Replies
engineering / technologyLast post 06 Jun 02, 11:22
LEO has a potential domains for a query "engineering (Technik)" and "technology(Technik)". …0 Replies
software (technology)Last post 14 Aug 10, 16:08
The author uses the terms "software" and "software technology" synonymously meaning the prod…2 Replies
The wonder of technologyLast post 05 Nov 09, 14:58
Smart spectacles aid translation The spectacles are due to go on sale in Japan in 2010 Spec2 Replies
technology - automated audio transcriptions Last post 18 May 12, 19:37
Someone pointed me toward a YouTube video in French, a news report on Luxembourg as a tax ha…2 Replies
technology change - TechnologiewechselLast post 15 Nov 08, 17:43
s. z.B. http://www.researchchannel.org/prog/displayevent.aspx?rID=4851&fID=569 Future Hype: …0 Replies
dentistry - die ZahntechnikLast post 27 Jun 10, 21:09
proposed additional correction/related entries: dental laboratory technology - die Zahntechn…1 Replies