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bon voyage - glückliche Reise Last post 07 Aug 09, 10:26
bon voyage French glückliche Reise wird bei Leo im English-Deutsch aufgelistet. Es ste…32 Replies
Bon voyageLast post 22 Nov 08, 22:36
In English - at least in the US - we sometimes use the French phrase "bon voyage" to wish so…12 Replies
“The real voyage of discovery ...Last post 01 Sep 06, 14:47
“The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes but in having new eyes.&3 Replies
laden voyageLast post 16 Sep 07, 12:33
5.5 days for the laden voyage to Libya, yet the vessel took 5.75 days for the same voyage in…1 Replies
mid-voyageLast post 25 Feb 07, 13:17
An Indonesian ferry involved in a deadly mid-voyage fire on Thursday has sunk with several s…2 Replies
fishing voyageLast post 29 Nov 11, 13:57
Whyalla Fishing Charters have a great team that will provide a professional and safe service…3 Replies
wanted on voyageLast post 27 Sep 18, 10:56
The suitcase was old and battered and on the side, in large letters, were the words WANTED O…7 Replies
"bon voyage" (French phrase) in English and German?Last post 05 Aug 11, 11:23
It's common in English to use the French phrase "bon voyage" when wishing someone a good tri…11 Replies
voyage to the Americas - Reise nach AmerikaLast post 15 May 14, 11:00
Is a sunken shipwreck off Haiti the long-lost remains of the Santa Maria, Christopher Columb…25 Replies
longest manned space voyage - längste bemannte WeltraumfahrtLast post 01 Feb 14, 14:57
Three Chinese astronauts have returned safely to Earth after completing their country's long…3 Replies