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wroughtLast post 21 Sep 10, 09:07
The changes wrought by the Cultural Revolution in the mid-1960s changed the life of chinese …4 Replies
wrought - past and past participle of work (work, wrought, wrought)Last post 04 Nov 10, 23:51
Bisher ist wrought nur als Adjektiv in Leo, nicht aber als Verb: VERB \tto work | worked/[…1 Replies
wrought byeLast post 06 Jun 07, 11:46
Kann mir bitte jemenand helefen? gerne auch eine engl erklärung6 Replies
wrought productLast post 03 Jul 08, 14:40
Optimization of manufacturing technology of RAFM steels, such as melting, forging, rolling, …4 Replies
wrought havoc - falsch....?Last post 20 Sep 10, 15:41
wieder mal was gelernt: Usage: Wrought is sometimes used as if it were the past tense and …4 Replies
what hath god wrought?Last post 08 Feb 09, 05:22
http://thereapingmovie.warnerbros.com/2 Replies
to be wrought outLast post 01 Feb 11, 16:26
If wise, he has not fashioned his thoughts to accommodate his incidents; but having conceive…1 Replies
"Woodstock wrought a legacy.."Last post 08 Sep 09, 14:44
I need the german translation of "Woodstock wrought a legacy..." Especially i have no idea …15 Replies
wrought in thy nameLast post 02 Jun 09, 01:10
Look at the destruction which i wrought in thy name der Satz stimmt nicht ganz (ist aus Dis…8 Replies
schmiedeeiserner Zaun - wrought-iron railingLast post 10 Jul 12, 22:18
... or would one rather use fence here, too? Maybe there is even a special term for it? Than4 Replies

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