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akee, alee, flee, glee, kale, keel, keen, keep, Keep, Kleve, knee, lede, lee, leek, leer, leet Akee, Keep, Kees, Kefe, Klebe, Klei, Kleie, Kleve, lee, Lee, leer, Lese

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Trifolium, Dreipass

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Zitat von Paul KleeLast post 25 Jan 09, 01:49
"Ich habe alles ausprobiert. Ich habe alles genossen. Jetzt bin ich ein erkalteter Stern" =…1 Replies
berseem, also: berseem clover - der Alexandrinerklee, auch: Alexandriner Klee, Alexandriner-Klee, wiss.: Trifolium alexandrinumLast post 24 Apr 16, 18:27
Oxford Dictionaries:berseem cloverPronunciation: /bərˌsēm ˈklōvər/  Entry from US English dic0 Replies
slender trefoil - Armblütiger Klee, wiss.: Trifolium micranthumLast post 01 May 16, 18:38
Botanical Society of the British Isles (BSBI):Trifolium micranthumAuthority (Brummitt & Powe…0 Replies
small white clover - Schwarzwerdender Klee, wiss.: Trifolium nigrescensLast post 01 May 16, 19:12
Plants Database (US Department of Agriculture):Trifolium nigrescens Viv.small white clover A…0 Replies
subterranean clover - Bodenfrüchtiger Klee, wiss.: Trifolium subterraneumLast post 10 May 16, 18:35
Plants Database (US Department of Agriculture):Trifolium subterraneum L.subterranean clover …0 Replies
Kura clover - Kaukasischer Klee, wiss.: Trifolium ambiguumLast post 24 Apr 16, 18:56
Plants Database (US Department of Agriculture):Trifolium ambiguum M. Bieb.Kura clover Univer…0 Replies
narrow clover - Schmalblättriger Klee, wiss.: Trifolium angustifoliumLast post 26 Apr 16, 18:33
Botanical Society of the British Isles (BSBI):Trifolium angustifoliumAuthority (Brummitt & P…0 Replies
sulphur clover - Blassgelber Klee, wiss.: Trifolium ochroleuconLast post 01 May 16, 19:18
National Plant Germplasm System (US Department of Agriculture):Taxon: Trifolium ochroleucon …0 Replies
teasel clover - Kleinblütiger Klee, wiss.: Trifolium retusumLast post 08 May 16, 17:06
Plants Database (US Department of Agriculture):Trifolium retusum L.teasel clover Calflora:Tr…0 Replies
rough clover - Rauer Klee, wiss.: Trifolium scabrumLast post 08 May 16, 17:12
Botanical Society of the British Isles (BSBI):Trifolium scabrumAuthority (Brummitt & Powell)…0 Replies

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