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    addict (Verb)

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Addicted / Addicted to - Addicted to footballLast post 05 Mar 13, 09:06
Hi Ist es korrekt wenn ich z.b. Fussball"süchtig" übersetze mit "footballaddicted"? Oder mu…12 Replies
"addicted into"Last post 04 May 11, 17:39
People are getting more and more addicted into these websites. Can you get addicted into? I 3 Replies
addicted to angerLast post 28 Sep 09, 08:45
I was addicted to anger. And you helped me beat it was genau heißt "addicted to anger"? Tob…2 Replies
make sb addictedLast post 09 Oct 07, 09:39
Can you say: this drugs makes you addicted. I know there are better ways to express this in…3 Replies
addicted to sth.Last post 20 Jul 10, 17:37
Hallo, kann man "addicted to something" sein? Ich beziehe mich auf eine Gruppe im studivz.net6 Replies
He was addicted to handy vibesLast post 19 Oct 09, 11:34
Oben ist das Beispiel Was bedeutet handy vibes?3 Replies
oil dependent/addicted countriesLast post 16 Jul 13, 14:27
What the difference between the "oil addicted countries" and "oil-dependent countries" ???4 Replies
Er ist süchtig nach Online-Spielen. - He is addicted to Online-Games.Last post 07 Aug 07, 09:04
I know the phrase: addicted to drugs...so i substitute "drugs"... Am I right?4 Replies
Wegen dir bin ich von Schokolade abhängig geworden. - You made me become/get addicted to chocolate.Last post 23 Apr 09, 11:24
Ist das so richtig? Kann man das so sagen?9 Replies
o ya u are not only addicted CRAZY over her!Last post 08 Mar 09, 11:24
Vielen Dank !7 Replies