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ambo, ammo, mock, moke, monk Ambo, Amor

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amuck Amoklaufen

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amokLast post 25 May 05, 13:39
As in "echt Amok, Alter." Do any of you younger native (German) speakers know what this mea…11 Replies
amokLast post 01 Apr 15, 19:10
In current English, amok is used in only one context: to run amok. (Sometimes spelled amuck.…7 Replies
Political correctness runs amokLast post 20 Jan 11, 14:32
I read today that the latest reprinting of Huckelberry Finn by Mark Twain has been 'amended'…19 Replies
amok run - der AmoklaufLast post 20 Apr 07, 10:17
http://www.dict.cc/?s=amoklauf crazed action = Amoklauf {m} killing frenzy = Amoklauf…34 Replies
to go postal - Amok laufenLast post 16 Feb 12, 15:15
It's enough to make you go postal. I once read, I think in "Die Zeit", that US post office …8 Replies
Amok-VögelnLast post 11 Jul 07, 14:11
Fand ich lustig. BILD (Mittwoch) Tierschützer warnen vor Amok-Vögeln Amok-birds? attackin…32 Replies
to go on a gun rampage - Amok laufenLast post 07 Aug 12, 21:42
How did an apparently sensitive child who used to enjoy family camping trips turn into a hat…1 Replies
running rampant vs. amokLast post 16 Dec 16, 01:10
Is running rampant the same as to run amok ?Thanks. 6 Replies
Warum laufen so viele Amerikaner Amok?Last post 27 Jul 16, 19:11
Warum laufen so viele Amerikaner Amok? Hey ich hoffe ihr könntet mir helfen! Danke schonmal :)14 Replies
DIe inneren und äußeren Bilder steuern zielsicher aneinander vorbei in diesem vorsichtigen Versuch, das Phänomen "Amok" zu umkreisen. - The inner and the outer images unerringly scrape past one another in this cautious attempt to encircle the phenomenon of amok. Last post 26 Apr 04, 12:05
Der Satz stammt aus einer Theaterkritik. Was der Verfasser sagen möchte, ist (glaube ich), d…0 Replies