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BenderLast post 26 Dec 08, 15:14
Hat jemand vielleicht eine Idee wie man diese Ausdrücke übersetzen könnte? Transmission sha…8 Replies
Gender benderLast post 19 Nov 07, 16:58
In another forum, one participant, not a native German speaker, wrote: "Ich ließ meine Kame…34 Replies
rebar benderLast post 04 Aug 15, 11:42
Bending rebar is easy with a rebar bender on your next job site. Stahlbiegemaschine ?3 Replies
mind benderLast post 20 Jan 09, 10:48
This algorithm is a mind bender. Making it efficient even more so. "Mind bender" is not sim…2 Replies
bender tasticLast post 15 Dec 11, 15:48
Someone asked me what "bender tastic" means... he read it in the context of ice-hockey. Whe…4 Replies
on a benderLast post 16 Mar 07, 19:13
I've really been on a bender and it shows So why don't you blow me a kiss before she goes (…2 Replies
bender to rememberLast post 27 Feb 17, 12:56
-You know what I wish on drug dealers? That they die and come back as a doctor and have to d…4 Replies
leichter Verkehrsunfall - fender benderLast post 23 Mar 18, 20:08
Bei leichten Verkehrsunfällen, d. h. bei solchen, bei denen keine Personen verletzt werden u…8 Replies
Unser Küchenchef: Johann Bender hat ... - Our chef: Johann Bender has been ...Last post 06 Feb 14, 23:17
Könnten die Muttersprachler hier freundlicherweise mal einen Blick drauf werfen, ob ich das …9 Replies
gender bender - der TransvestitLast post 20 Mar 08, 12:38 Replies

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