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cloddy, cloud, loudly Cloud

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partially cloudy sky, partially cloudyLast post 04 Jul 08, 23:48
This day we will have a partially cloudy sky (a partially overcast sky / a partially clouded…3 Replies
foggy/cloudyLast post 10 Nov 09, 14:28
My brain was foggy/cloudy because I was ill Can I really translate this literally?2 Replies
mostly cloudyLast post 20 Feb 10, 13:35
http://www.weather.com/outlook/travel/businesstraveler/airportprofile/HAM:9?lswe=hamburg&fro…2 Replies
Cloudy draw (lyr.)Last post 05 Dec 08, 11:49
An old cowboy went riding out one dark and windy day Upon a ridge he rested as he went alon…3 Replies
cloudy and overcastLast post 24 May 09, 12:33
queen my melancholy blues "My guess is i'm in for a cloudy and overcast..." danke für eure H…1 Replies
Though the moments be cloudy or fairLast post 06 Feb 07, 21:45
songtext keep on the sunny side Wie würde dieser Ausdruck wohl am Besten ins deutsch übrset…2 Replies
spiked cloudy apple juice - gespiketer naturtüber ApfelsaftLast post 05 Feb 13, 14:29
During validation of an HPLC-UV method for patulin analysis, a time and concentration depend…11 Replies
gewölktLast post 06 Jul 04, 22:41
Vase mit schwarz-rot gewölkter Glasur (amorphe, ineinanderfließende Farbflächen, viel stärke…2 Replies
how would you translate "hefetrüb" when referring to a beer on a menu? Last post 17 Mar 09, 10:10
such as in "Paulaner, hefetrüb"2 Replies
heiter, wolkig, bedecktLast post 21 Feb 05, 20:58
Berlin 25°C, heiter Berlin 20°C, wolkig Berlin 15°C, bedeckt Wie ist die englische Übersetzu…3 Replies

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