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Nuclear, nuclear, unclean, unlearn

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unclear sentenceLast post 03 Dec 06, 17:08
I having difficulty understanding the following sentence. I understand all the words, just n…10 Replies
unübersichtlich - unclearLast post 14 Nov 12, 14:47
It may be helpful to deposit your searches in a given cabinet location, e.g. when the folder…9 Replies
unclear - adverb: unclearly?Last post 07 Jan 07, 13:26
cause and effect interrelate ... unclearly. Of course, I could write: ... in an unclear man…11 Replies
unclear - unübersichtlichLast post 11 Dec 07, 11:30
Quellen: PONS Großwörterbuch D-E 2005 Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary, 7th edition 20…0 Replies
Unklare Klärung - unclear clarification?Last post 18 Nov 09, 13:39
Hallo zusammen, ich kämpfe mit dem hübschen Phänomen, dass Besprechungen auf deutsch stattf…3 Replies
unclear sentence by missing comma ?Last post 11 Apr 12, 21:12
Prior to the experiment, the animals had been moved from group housing to individual cages t…22 Replies
ungeklärte Situation - unclear SituationLast post 20 Nov 13, 21:52
Es ist immer so komisch, wenn wir uns (zufällig) treffen. Ich weiss nie, wie ich mich verhal…3 Replies
unklarer Dignitaet - of unclear malignancyLast post 10 Oct 09, 19:35
Dickdarmileus bei subtotal stenosierendem Tumor unklarer Dignität am descendo—sigmoidalen Üb3 Replies
sentence is unclearLast post 26 Sep 09, 22:37
losing means finishing anything other than first. what the hell does this sentence mean tal…5 Replies
We remain unclearLast post 02 Jun 12, 17:01
The thermal environments at all three events were significantly determined by the ambient cl…2 Replies