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instructions aboutLast post 23 Jan 14, 06:11
Please refer to chapter 4.4 for instructions on which terminals the cables must be connecte…9 Replies
instructions - BetriebsanleitungLast post 30 Apr 08, 12:14
Dieser Begriffe werden in dieser Form in den Richtlinien der EU verwendet, welche in Überset…6 Replies
standing instructions - DienstanweisungLast post 31 Mar 19, 12:53
https://ringgitplus.com/en/blog/Banking/What-is-a-Standing-Instruction.html Wenn man "standi…5 Replies
instructions - beads includedLast post 02 Aug 05, 13:10
Hallo! Sitze über einer kleinen Übersetzung und es geht mir um den Begriff "included" für ei…4 Replies
Instructions for UseLast post 17 Jan 11, 12:17
A friend of mine is supervising the introduction of a new surgical device into the US and Eu…7 Replies
assembly instructions - AufbauanleitungLast post 07 May 07, 23:03
http://dict.leo.org/ende?lp=ende&lang=de&searchLoc=0&cmpType=relaxed&sectHdr=on&2 Replies
Follow our marking instructions. - Befolgen Sie unsere Markierungsanweisungen.Last post 07 Jul 11, 00:27
Dito der andere Eintrag: exact marking instructions - genaue Markierungsanweisungen http://…1 Replies
instructions on or ofLast post 03 May 10, 15:23
Instructions on how to use the manual Instructions of how to use the manual Habe schon beid…2 Replies
Based on someone's instructionsLast post 18 Oct 12, 10:26
Not sure how to say "based on someone's instructions" in German. Der Veranstalter wird Werb…4 Replies
instructions about a person's available legal remedies [jur.] - der RechtsbehelfLast post 26 Feb 04, 20:13
??? I mean, judges donŽt want to have instructions, they want claims! ;-)10 Replies