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specificLast post 09 Aug 07, 23:09
Our original intent was to produce a specific definition of SOA. Quelle: http://searchwebse…2 Replies
specific to - xy-specificLast post 11 Aug 10, 18:47
Modern architecture has been implemented by the architects XY and after almost 20 years our …1 Replies
specific to -- auch specific for?Last post 21 Apr 09, 19:02
Source: The notable decline in VEGF plasma levels is, however, a finding specific *for* this…1 Replies
golf specific oder golf-specificLast post 14 Jun 11, 12:08
Hallo, ich frage mich gerade, ob man das obige mit oder ohne Bindestrich schreibt? In dive…3 Replies
specific nameLast post 08 Oct 06, 12:29 In zoological nomenclature, a specific name is th…7 Replies
specific performance Last post 09 Nov 07, 09:57
specific performance ausdrückliche Erfüllung {f} effektive Vertragserfüllung {f} to sue fo…0 Replies
specific conductanLast post 12 Sep 07, 20:00
I would like to find out how you say "specific conductance in microsiemens per centimeter at…1 Replies
Passengers (specific)Last post 17 Jan 08, 17:40
I want to die like my father, peacefully in his sleep, not screaming and terrified, like his…6 Replies
array specificLast post 04 Jan 09, 19:52
Satz-Beispiel: They suggest that vertically oriented drawings of objects presented in file r…0 Replies
not specificLast post 07 Dec 08, 01:31
Steht im Britischen Ebay meist drinnen to Germany- not specific weiß nicht genau wie ich …5 Replies

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