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Idiomatische Wendungen und Sätze mit „lassen“
to ignore; to not take into account

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to hard-sell - zum Kauf zwingenLast post 08 Mar 13, 22:27
hard-sell/ˈhɑrdˈsɛl/ Show Spelled [hahrd-sel] Show IPA verb, hard-sold, hard-sell·ing, adjectiv4 Replies
go/sell like hot cakes - *Last post 08 Feb 08, 10:41
Einträge in LEO: to go like hot, cakes (AE)- weggehen wie warme Semmeln sth. sells like hot,3 Replies
to go/sell like hotcakesBE - (both translations)Last post 16 Jul 09, 15:59
to go like hotcakesAE weggehen wie warme Semmeln to go like hotcakesBE weggehen wie w…7 Replies
continuing to sell... - continuing to sell...Last post 23 Oct 08, 13:08
We, to be sure, are looking forward to publishing the reissue in 2009 and to continuing to s…3 Replies
Passive Form von "Sell"Last post 31 Jan 08, 11:26
Hallo, Ich will sagen, dass ein Produkt von einer bestimmten Firma vertrieben wird. Ich dac…4 Replies
sell out Last post 21 May 10, 15:23
sell out = Ausverkauf, weitere Bedeutungen? sell in = ? Hallo allerseits, mein Problem is…2 Replies
sell-off, sell offLast post 21 Apr 15, 18:25
Bestandteil eines Lizenzvertrags: Licensee shall be entitled to sell off such of the licens…3 Replies
to sell short / to short sell - leer verkaufenLast post 13 Mar 09, 18:53
LEO: short [bank.] - ohne Deckung short covering [econ.] - Deckung einer Verkaufsposition\t …6 Replies
sell-through - AbsatzLast post 10 Jan 08, 20:52
Spring 2005 has been a difficult trading time - we are delighted with how our product looks …2 Replies
sell dueLast post 13 Jan 05, 08:41
Even the Chinese are reluctant to sell due to uncertainty, unless of course they can get a g…2 Replies