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gain, procure, attain, achieve, secure, get

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obtainLast post 22 Jun 08, 19:14
The Kalman filter estimates a process by using a form of feedback control: the filter estima…2 Replies
Obtain.............Last post 17 Apr 09, 14:51
Obtain authorisation before overriding or disabling safety critical equipment. Wie kann man…11 Replies
obtain customs...Last post 08 Nov 07, 11:43
Passengers who require Terminal Transfer for their connecting flight should obtain Customs, …3 Replies
obtain - geltenLast post 24 Oct 08, 14:19
Ich komme auf keinen Zusammenhang, in dem "obtain" mit "gelten" übersetzt würde -- sollte di…7 Replies
receive obtain getLast post 25 May 10, 20:44
Hallo, Kann mir jemand den UNterscheid dieser Wörter erklären= Danke Karl1 Replies
obtain a charterLast post 05 Dec 06, 14:53
Let’s assume you raise $6 million in cash with help from other investors. That will be the ba2 Replies
pity grace obtainLast post 13 Feb 07, 16:35
Im Zusammenhang: Knowledge might pity win, and pity grace obtain, I sought fit words to pai…3 Replies
Obtain again - wiederbekommenLast post 26 Jul 09, 18:52
I can easily get that card again! Ich kann diese Karte leicht wiederbekommen! I don't want…2 Replies
obtain needed resourcesLast post 01 Apr 10, 11:36
Social Entrepreneurs look for innovative ways to ensure that their ventures create social va…2 Replies
obtain service onLast post 10 Feb 09, 08:35
Once the lawsuit is filed, the Sheriff must obtain service on the defendant which amounts to…1 Replies

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