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attaint, atwain, rattan Gattin, Rattan

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get, arrive, obtain, gain, achieve, chalk

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re-attain - wiedererlangenLast post 31 Dec 08, 13:09
"the state that one wishes to reattain..." im vielzitierten Werk des Columbia University Öko…0 Replies
to gain, obtain, achieve, acquire, attainLast post 18 Mar 10, 18:00
Meine Güte, die bedeuten ja alle dasselbe, wann ist welches angebracht?6 Replies
to attain provisionLast post 08 Aug 07, 12:54
"It shall be a fundamental responsibility of the State to attain, through planned economic g…3 Replies
ein Niveau erreichen - attain a levelLast post 31 May 07, 22:38
Intercultural training activities might be selected and sequenced according to the level of …2 Replies
to attain an effect - einen Effekt erzielenLast post 18 Sep 06, 23:11
Informal language attains the effect of closeness.6 Replies
ein Anliegen erreichen - to attain a concernLast post 12 Mar 09, 17:12
Im Rahmen einer psychologischen Studie bitten wir die Teilnehmer ihr momentan wichtigstes zw…2 Replies
to attain balanced racial makeupLast post 12 Jun 09, 19:06
The Justices limited the ability of school districts to attain balanced racial makeup of the…1 Replies
to attain = to obtain???Last post 13 Nov 08, 22:48
gibt es einen Unterschied?3 Replies
attain through od byLast post 08 Oct 09, 02:38
is it to attain through sth oder by oder ???4 Replies
bemüht sich um + Nomen - make an effort to get/attain + NomenLast post 27 May 09, 15:03
Der Verein bemüht sich um eine aktive Öffentlichkeitsarbeit. The association makes an ef2 Replies

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