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achiever, archive

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accomplish, attain, obtain, gain, manage, implement, compass

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accomplish/achieveLast post 27 Aug 08, 15:03
Could anyone explain the different meanings of "to accomplish" and "to achieve" please (if t…7 Replies
help achieve / help to achieve / help achievingLast post 02 Sep 09, 17:45
Ich habe ein Problem mit help. Wie geht es danach weiter? Infinitiv mit oder ohne to o2 Replies
became to achieveLast post 16 Mar 09, 17:07
Falco also became the first German speaking artist to achieve #1. Wie nennt man diese gramm…6 Replies
achieve versus reachLast post 11 Oct 10, 13:57
Hello everybody! I know that it is correct to say "She has achieved all her goals" or "Thank…2 Replies
verwirklichen - achieveLast post 18 Sep 12, 09:51
dt. Damit können bei dezentralen Systemen auch längere Leitungswege verwirklicht werden ohne…1 Replies
to over-achieve - leistungsorientiert seinLast post 31 Dec 09, 15:00
Ich bin durch diese https://dict.leo.org/forum/index.php?lp=ende&lang=de 1. Die richtige …8 Replies
Inversion to achieve emphasisLast post 09 May 07, 16:31
To achieve emphasis, it's possible to change the position of subject/object if there is only…5 Replies
Everyone wanting to achieve more vs. Everyone who wants to achieve moreLast post 24 Jul 19, 13:27
Guten Morgen zusammen,der komplette Satz heißt: Everyone wanting to achieve more will find i…6 Replies
to gain, obtain, achieve, acquire, attainLast post 18 Mar 10, 18:00
Meine Güte, die bedeuten ja alle dasselbe, wann ist welches angebracht?6 Replies
ziele erreichen - achieve aims.Last post 09 Oct 10, 19:31
The Internet is an chance for poeple to achieve aims which they wouldn't in real life. It i…2 Replies

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