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achiever, archive

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attain, gain, compass, obtain, accomplish, manage, implement

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achieve by/achieve through?Last post 02 Nov 08, 19:44
the aim was achieved through / by? Kann mir jemand weiterhelfen: welches ist hier die richt…3 Replies
accomplish/achieveLast post 27 Aug 08, 15:03
Could anyone explain the different meanings of "to accomplish" and "to achieve" please (if t…7 Replies
verwirklichen - achieveLast post 18 Sep 12, 09:51
dt. Damit können bei dezentralen Systemen auch längere Leitungswege verwirklicht werden ohne…1 Replies
achieve conversion Last post 02 Aug 11, 21:08
Strong performance management with a focus upon coaching and development to achieve convers…1 Replies
help achieve / help to achieve / help achievingLast post 02 Sep 09, 17:45
Ich habe ein Problem mit help. Wie geht es danach weiter? Infinitiv mit oder ohne to o2 Replies
achieve great distinctionLast post 12 Feb 09, 14:55
- hallo - kann jemdandem mir helfen, dies zu uebersetzen? vielen dank im voraus ;) :) :)2 Replies
- to achieve global ... - Last post 02 Dec 08, 15:17
- to achieve global scale and compete more effectively with Western firms and emerging giant…1 Replies
achieve - welches Präposition?Last post 02 Oct 07, 17:37
A certain “a museum look” was aimed to be achieved THROUGH/BY the extremely accuracy of 2 Replies
achieve versus reachLast post 11 Oct 10, 13:57
Hello everybody! I know that it is correct to say "She has achieved all her goals" or "Thank…2 Replies
became to achieveLast post 16 Mar 09, 17:07
Falco also became the first German speaking artist to achieve #1. Wie nennt man diese gramm…6 Replies

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