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commend Komment

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commentate, annotation, remark, commentary, note

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comment upon / comment on / comment aboutLast post 08 Jan 15, 08:13
To comment upon an observation? To comment on an observation? To comment about an observatio…7 Replies
CommentLast post 18 Apr 08, 12:44
Language should not be treated as something absolute that follows rules without deviation an…1 Replies
CommentLast post 21 Mar 09, 00:15
For her English class, my girlfriend was asked to write a comment. My idea of a comment is a…12 Replies
commentLast post 23 Apr 08, 22:58
One can assume that the sentence has two topics followed by a comment since the verbless sen…2 Replies
see Comment! - see Comment!Last post 21 Jun 05, 00:59
Hi! The following Text is a summary for my diploma thesis. I'm from Germany and uncertain if…10 Replies
Einleitung CommentLast post 03 May 12, 10:51
Folgende Möglichkeiten stehen zur Auswahl: In the following text I am going to write about …1 Replies
introduction/ commentLast post 18 Jun 08, 21:47
Hallo ihr Lieben, Ich hatte die Hausaufgabe, zum Thema EU-mitgliedschaft (bringt vorteile et…2 Replies
comment proceedingsLast post 23 Mar 05, 16:15
The submitter sends the draft bills, which are modified by the results of comment proceeding…1 Replies
social commentLast post 11 Jun 06, 09:32
There was a great deal of social comment and group philosophising over works of poetry and p…3 Replies
Sneezy commentLast post 29 Nov 09, 12:39
His sneezy comment was uncalled for. Oder auch "sneezy remark". Was heisst sneezy genau?2 Replies

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