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statement - das StatementLast post 16 Mar 11, 14:03
Statement 1. Bekanntmachung, Bekundung, Botschaft, Deklaration, Erklärung, Feststellung, Kom2 Replies
statementLast post 30 Jun 07, 09:43
maybe a statement?? *there are many things he would like to say to her but he don`t know ho…8 Replies
statementLast post 20 Sep 06, 19:52
literary and art works that are linked with each other through manifestos and programmatic s…2 Replies
statementLast post 04 Mar 09, 19:06
It presents all items of recognized income and expense, either in one single, or in two link…5 Replies
Statement/MotivationsschreibenLast post 05 Oct 05, 12:47
Hallo... ich möchte mich für ein Studium in England bewerben(über die UCAS) Hierfür brauche …2 Replies
Statement (German)Last post 09 Mar 11, 14:35 gives Statement (German) as a the first translation for statement (English). http:/…9 Replies
Bewerbung/Statement/Last post 31 Aug 11, 20:50
Hallo, someone asked me to read this and give some recomendatiosn about it. He will apply …4 Replies
Teaching statementLast post 14 Feb 15, 19:02
Jetzt habe ich auch mein 'Teaching Statement' fertig. Weil es eine Din-A4-Seite lang ist, st…4 Replies
thesis statementLast post 28 Oct 06, 15:01
John says that he is telling us that which he knows and experiences, and then he gives to us…1 Replies
vision statementLast post 04 Sep 15, 21:07 The reason for the vision statement is to put the intentions beh…2 Replies

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