Possible base forms for "accounts"

    account (Verb) 

Orthographically similar words

account Account

Related search terms

closing-off, books, amounts

Forum discussions containing the search term

accountsLast post 07 Oct 07, 19:02
He reformulated behaviouristic accounts of fear conditioning that depended on the learning o…3 Replies
accountsLast post 04 Jun 09, 12:48
An ACCOUNT is a linguistic device employed whenever an action is subjected to valuative inqu…3 Replies
accounts administrator / accounts executiveLast post 10 Feb 11, 15:29
As a job title. I just mean someone from the accounts department who deals with invoices bas…2 Replies
Key Accounts vs. key accountsLast post 13 Oct 09, 12:21
ich bin unsicher, ob feste Begriffe, wie zB "Key Accounts" oder "Project Management" nicht d…4 Replies
non-financials accounts / financial accountsLast post 20 Oct 16, 17:33
im Kontext öffentlicher Haushalte Wie bezeichnet man diese Kontotypen im Deutschen in der G…2 Replies
Dear AccountsLast post 19 Nov 19, 19:40
Ich habe gerade eine Mahnung auf dem Tisch (aus UK), die mit den schönen WortenDear Accounts…19 Replies
many accountsLast post 05 Jan 05, 12:49
Many accounts of sport situate it as a central tenet of national culture. ... sehen es als z…2 Replies
National AccountsLast post 25 Mar 05, 17:52
These firgures are an estimate according to the National Accounts1 Replies
patrimonial accountsLast post 22 Mar 06, 11:03
This transference is done between two patrimonial accounts, and there is no statement accoun…1 Replies
narrative accountsLast post 02 Aug 07, 19:39
"Yet, with its focus on inner speech, self-attributions, and locus of control, neutralizazio…11 Replies

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