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adscription, rescription Deskription

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detailed description - PrinzipdarstellungLast post 05 Jun 08, 17:27
This entry seems to me to be wrong in most respects: - detailed and Prinzip are contradictor…4 Replies
personal description - das SignalementLast post 21 Mar 11, 21:08
Si|gna|le|ment […mã:, schweiz.: …mnt], das; -s, -s u. (schweiz.:) -e [frz. signal1 Replies
Description - Description Last post 27 Mar 08, 17:06
Recently I visited a restaurant in the eight district and ordered Spaghetti “Aglio Olio”5 Replies
Description of XDLast post 17 Feb 07, 23:38
Hello native English speakers. How would you describe in English what the following emoticon…1 Replies
description - die DeskriptionLast post 06 Jul 11, 14:37
description - die Angabe\t description - die Art\t description - die Bauform\t descriptio…0 Replies
error description - FehlerbeschreibungLast post 21 Dec 10, 10:26
http://www.dict.cc/?s=Fehlerbeschreibung quelle0 Replies
job description - PositionsbeschreibungLast post 27 Jul 08, 16:32
job description noun a written description of the exact work and responsibilities of a job …1 Replies
functional description - FunktionsbeschreibungLast post 21 Mar 07, 10:20
Eine Funktionsbeschreibung für ein neues Produkt.1 Replies
picture description - word oder? Last post 29 Mar 10, 09:54
To describe pictures in English, is it correct to say: "In the middle of the picture is a …7 Replies
tenses for picture descriptionLast post 02 Apr 10, 09:40
Creativity is good but sometimes... I practised with my pupils picture description, now I'm …20 Replies

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