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Orthographically similar words

close, Close, goose, loosen, loosie, lose, losel, loser, louse, moose, noose Alose, lose, losen, Loser, Lotos, Lotse

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lose / looseLast post 11 Apr 18, 18:54
Ich komme immer wieder damit durcheinander wie das jetzt gschrieben wird mit. "o" oder "oo" …20 Replies
loose strife - div.Last post 01 Jun 05, 16:47
Der LEO-Eintrag lautet im Moment: loose strife [bot.] - das Blutkraut loose strife [bot.] - …8 Replies
loose flange - BlockflanschLast post 21 Dec 06, 13:54
loose flange = Losflansch - siehe Leo selbst! Blockflansch = block flange - ist so simpel,…2 Replies
to loose one's hold - fahren lassen Last post 19 Oct 03, 09:39
the other one to lose hold of sth is fine -- just delete this entry6 Replies
"complete loose cannon" vs. "completeLY loose cannon"Last post 07 Apr 11, 13:04
Ich beweise vermutlich erneut meine grenzenlose Unwissenheit, aber in http://dict.leo.org/fo…23 Replies
selfie hunters on the loose Last post 08 Oct 14, 17:32
Selfie Hunter grazing the whole puke Hill after prey, lay next to anything that seems uncons…23 Replies
lose vs. looseLast post 11 Feb 08, 11:12
Does anyone else who learned English in school in Germany recall being taught that "verliere…41 Replies
dance me looseLast post 11 Sep 12, 07:49
I found this song/record in my parents' 45' collection. http://www.lyricsvault.net/php/arti…8 Replies
loose tenderness - MürbigkeitLast post 30 Jan 08, 10:53
"auf den begriff des auseinandergehenden und bröckelnden zurückführen" Grimm's German Dicti…11 Replies
ungespannt - looseLast post 08 Dec 11, 15:41
Das Membranelement ist in einem ungespannten Zustand frei bewegbar.-> The membran element,wh…4 Replies