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consider, cogitate

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contemplateLast post 10 May 08, 18:53
Kontext: I, the undersigned Director of the Borrower, duly authorised by its Board of Direct…2 Replies
"consider" und "contemplate"Last post 14 Sep 04, 19:04
Gibt es eine sinnhafte Abgrenzung zwischen beiden Begriffen? 5 Replies
to contemplate geniusLast post 20 Mar 09, 10:49
At least I can sit back and contemplate "genius" with a cigyy ... So sagt eine Künstlerin i…3 Replies
connotation of "contemplate"Last post 13 Feb 09, 09:32
Als deutsche Muttersprachlerin klingt "to contemplate" für mich etwas förmlich-feierlich... …6 Replies
contemplate(d) (Patent)Last post 12 Mar 15, 11:31
The invention specifially contemplates using triple chocolate chips and further contemplat10 Replies
contemplate certain business relationshipsLast post 28 Oct 08, 16:03
company X and company Y are contemplating certain business relationsships in which company X…2 Replies
to contemplate wide distancesLast post 21 Nov 10, 20:29
Their ability to contemplate wide distances with no overriding imperialist agenda gave both …11 Replies
contemplate / propose with "to do" or "doing"?Last post 27 Feb 08, 19:51
Yeees, I know, please go the language lab. Go there directly. Do not pass "Go". Do not colle…20 Replies
to contemplate retirement - Ruhestand in Erwägung ziehenLast post 09 Jan 12, 18:04
Luke Walton contemplating retirement and some implications for the Lakers moving forward. Kl…4 Replies
that a whole lifetime wasn't enough to contemplate those eyesLast post 14 Nov 08, 12:21
...ein ganzes leben reicht nicht aus um diese augen zu "betrachten/erforschen??? I'm useles…4 Replies

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