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confliction, dispute

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ControversyLast post 10 Mar 04, 20:45
Hi all. In the song "Without Me" Eminem sings: "Now this looks like a job for me / so everyb…11 Replies
Aussprache 'controversy'Last post 20 Sep 17, 23:32
LEO bietet zwei unterschiedliche Aussprachen für 'controversy. https://dict.leo.org/englisch…12 Replies
Ritenstreit - Rites ControversyLast post 20 May 14, 18:24
Der Ritenstreit in der katholischen Kirche war eine Auseinandersetzung über die Art und Weis…1 Replies
invite controversyLast post 12 Mar 05, 19:42
'acting it out would have only invited controversy' from a (fairly) informal text4 Replies
labour controversyLast post 06 Aug 07, 16:55
labour controversy Es geht um Fälle in denen die Vertragspartei nicht für Vertragsverletzun…1 Replies
sparks controversyLast post 05 Jan 09, 17:27
Hindenburugs stars' red-hot romance sparks controversy: X and Y wed in media firestorm. Sol…3 Replies
Kontrovers - Controversy vs. controversiallyLast post 22 Apr 12, 13:12
"Even though it is controversy discussed whether ..." oder "Even though it is controversia…2 Replies
to cause controversyLast post 09 Dec 08, 16:11
The statue is a symbol that causes controversy. Weiß jemand die korrekte Übersetzung?3 Replies
to attract controversyLast post 27 May 10, 13:56
... a role that had often attracted controversy2 Replies
Controversy + prep?Last post 03 Aug 10, 23:59
Suche die korrekte Präposition für Controversy... Also sowas wie "Die Debatte/Kontroverse u…2 Replies