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    elevate (Verb)

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elevated Last post 20 Jun 10, 19:19
Military music may have elevated from attempts to get us ready for battle by using drumming …2 Replies
elevatedLast post 24 Jan 10, 16:53
It isn't so far from the elevated. I took it because of the queer old brick wall in the cell…6 Replies
elevated basement Last post 16 May 17, 18:14
The building contains 15 apartments and consists of an elevated basement, a ground floor, 4 …6 Replies
elevated LineLast post 25 Apr 17, 05:47
There was a subway stop right across the street. I sat on the steps leading up to the elevat…4 Replies
elevated command promptLast post 03 Apr 10, 11:57
Run the update from an elevated command prompt. http://support.microsoft.com/kb/958162 Tha…7 Replies
built under an elevated structureLast post 05 Dec 08, 16:42
It is a self contain water and sewage system built under an elevated structure. Es ist gesc…12 Replies
at an elevated levelLast post 29 Oct 06, 10:42
Aus der Durchflussanalyse eines Zerstäubers: The circumferential wall of the blender rotates…3 Replies
gehobene englische gasronomie - sophisticated gastronomy?elevated catering trade?superior gastronomy? Last post 14 Jul 10, 02:07
hi thank you all for the answers.... i wanted to say that i would like to work in "gehobe…2 Replies
...zum Teil stark erhöhte Werte - ...in part extremely elevated values.Last post 13 May 09, 21:23
Einige Patienten zeigten zum Teil stark erhöhte Werte. Some patients showed in part extreme…4 Replies
He is trading off the elevated status...Last post 15 Oct 12, 23:16
Aus einem Artikel über den Künstler Maurizio Cattelan, der in Museen und Galerien respektlos…4 Replies