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beach profile of equilibrium - StrandgleichgewichtsprofilLast post 03 Oct 18, 04:51
Siehe Wörterbuch: strandgleichgewichtsprofilVolker Schweizer: Wörterbuch der Geologie Geolog…5 Replies
equilibrium - ÄquilibriumLast post 21 Oct 10, 22:18
http://de.wiktionary.org/wiki/%C3%84quilibrium Ist denke ich selbsterklärend :)3 Replies
equilibriumLast post 10 Jul 07, 15:17
The medulla oblongata controls most of the bodily activities, while the cerebellum is respon…3 Replies
equilibriumLast post 23 Jun 07, 17:43
[...] stopping of the narrative at 'pictorial and emotional equilibrium'. Es geht hier um n…1 Replies
Gleichgewichtsabstand - equilibrium distanceLast post 03 May 10, 12:25
...in a molecule. Internuclear distance at the minimum of the electronic (or potential) ener…0 Replies
equilibrium temperature - GleichgewichtstemperaturLast post 27 Mar 08, 16:57
3/4 fill the beaker with caustic soln (usually 2%) and get equilibrium temperature (usually …1 Replies
reversibility equilibriumLast post 14 Nov 07, 21:19
[...]Description of sorption during transport has been normally based on the equilibrium sor…2 Replies
equilibrium outcomeLast post 12 Jul 07, 12:07
"in contrast to liberal market economies, where the equilibrium outcomes of firms behaviour …2 Replies
competitive equilibriumLast post 06 Apr 07, 21:08
With competitive equilibrium it is the aggregate production set that matters. Was ist die r…3 Replies
candidate equilibriumLast post 03 Sep 08, 11:21
The candidate equilibrium is the only equilibrium in which... oder the candidate equilibrium…0 Replies