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finally, unlasting, eventual, ultimately, somewhen

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eventually - irgendwannLast post 30 Jun 09, 14:17
– Eventually I’m going to visit you. – http://pons.eu/dict/search/results/?q=even7 Replies
ultimately / eventuallyLast post 20 May 09, 13:19
Any significant differences between ultimately and eventually? Context: Ultimately/Eventuall…7 Replies
Eventually/FinallyLast post 12 Apr 08, 06:43
Hi! We have been discussing for hours the difference of these two words. Can anyone actuall…9 Replies
eventually - allmählichLast post 01 Mar 10, 14:23
– The weather eventually became worse. sources: – http://pons.eu/dict/search/results/?q33 Replies
eventually - letztendlichLast post 07 May 03, 11:27
Sollte es nicht auch mit "möglicherweise" übersetzt werden?34 Replies
desweiteren, schließlich - further, eventuallyLast post 07 Sep 08, 10:00
Hi. Ich wollte mal wissen, ob die folgende Übersetzung möglich ist (dass man es evtll. schö…10 Replies
eventual/ eventuallyLast post 07 Apr 08, 11:47
jetzt weiss ich nicht genau, wie ich "eventuell" übersetzen soll: eventual oder eventually. …4 Replies
letztendlich - eventuallyLast post 23 Sep 07, 12:15
...the perspectives above, which are containing customer results as well as financial succes…2 Replies
in due course Last post 25 Sep 10, 11:18
in due course the images appeared on the coins of both cities eventually they were sa5 Replies
eventually in past contextLast post 06 Nov 12, 11:48
She eventually showed up and we went for drinks. Did it really happen, or not? From a Germa…4 Replies