Possible base forms for "feeding"

    feed (Verb) 

Orthographically similar words

feed-in, feeling, fending, fleeing, freeing, reeding, seeding, weeding Seeding

Related search terms

charging, supply, feed, loading

Forum discussions containing the search term

bacterial-feeding vs. bacteria-feedingLast post 19 Oct 20, 01:35
Man könnte natürlich auch 'bacterivorous nematodes' sagen, um alle Probleme zu umgehen, aber…0 Replies
feeding frenzyLast post 04 Aug 09, 00:49
The media swirled and boiled around the newlyweds in a kind of all-out feeding frenzy.10 Replies
spoon feedingLast post 03 May 08, 16:18
We try to provide the right mix between helping people and spoon feeding people too much. Th…1 Replies
inertia feedingLast post 15 Oct 07, 16:10
Carnivorous lizards ingest their prey in two ways: small prey are seized and crushed by the …21 Replies
feeding responseLast post 06 Jul 07, 18:20
Prey movement triggers the feeding response Fressantwort (mit "sz" oder mit doppel s?) Futt…11 Replies
...rear feeding..Last post 25 Feb 07, 06:56
TROPICAL LEAF INSECTS philippine species easy to keep,breed and rear feeding on bramble. Wa…3 Replies
feeding tubeLast post 27 Feb 05, 01:29
http://www.oneplace.com/ministries/jay_sekulow_live/Archives.asp An emergency stay is now in…7 Replies
feeding waterwaysLast post 10 Apr 20, 15:43
Hallo, liebe Leute,kann man hier sagen: "fütternde Wasserwege"? Anbei der Kontext:Since the …11 Replies
feeding sessionLast post 27 Feb 15, 11:12
A Kamchatka Brown Bear cub eats frozen fruits during a Christmas feeding session at Hagenbec…1 Replies
feeding corridorLast post 02 Oct 11, 18:02
The nutrients wash from the rivers into the sea and create a feeding corridor that draw the f2 Replies

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