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Pierce, pierce, tierce fieren

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fierceLast post 22 Feb 10, 19:52
ich suche eine übersetzung für das wort fierce als adjektiv heißt es soviel wie kämpferisch …8 Replies
fierceLast post 30 Apr 08, 09:33
Guten Morgen, ich habe Mal eine Frage: "fierce" bedeutet ja unter anderem kämpferisch, leid…2 Replies
fierce force; chic digsLast post 18 Nov 08, 16:46
Fashion arrived in fierce force with Yves St Laurent, Jean-Paul Gaultier, sundry Vogue edito…3 Replies
to be fierce-eyed - einen bösen Blick habenLast post 19 Nov 08, 13:04
Stalin was stocky, black-haired, fierce-eyed, with one arm longer than the other. -9 Replies
Hurt sumpin fierce at firstLast post 28 Jan 07, 16:28
“How . . . how was it?” Katherine asked. “Did it hurt?” “Hurt su5 Replies
the [fierce grip] of HIVLast post 26 Dec 12, 18:11
In Nigeria, where the grip of HIV is fierce, our children haven't had a reported case in 12 …4 Replies
"kind in tower, fierce in fray"Last post 02 Jan 10, 16:22
Patrick Leigh Fermor writes about the former inhabitants of the Mani (a Greek peninsula): th…2 Replies
Steigerung für fierce --> fiercer?Last post 13 Oct 10, 12:30
Der Konkurrenzkampf fängt an, härter zu werden. The competition is starting to get fiercer…3 Replies
subject of a fierce and controversial debateLast post 08 Apr 07, 18:21
The issue of whether there are any grounds on which to call for a comparison of the two play…1 Replies
The upper Hair swept into a fierce questLast post 28 Apr 07, 16:57
the man's Hairstyle, the lower part of the head shaved clean,"the upper Hair swept into a fi…1 Replies