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    fight (Verb)

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Orthographically similar words

lighting, sighting

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Hallo zusammen! Es geht um folgenden Satz: Migrants are heroes who fight not only for the…9 Replies
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The European Union is trying to turn Mali's army into a professional fighting force to take …0 Replies
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Ground fighting (also ground work or ground game) is hand-to-hand combat which takes place w…3 Replies
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Hopes are high that this will be the day when the blue marlin - the ultimate fighting fish a…3 Replies
Kampffähigkeit - fighting skillLast post 19 Sep 12, 16:49
Israelische Forscher haben herausgefunden, dass Gurken, Möhren und andere Speisen die Kampff…4 Replies
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Hallo, hat jemand eine gute Übersetzung für "fighting brand". Die wörtliche Übersetzung "Kam…3 Replies
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this is the fighting-talk of a faith forged in the fires of struggle ah ... alles klingt un…3 Replies
fighting juiceLast post 31 Aug 09, 20:43
She has been finding him unbearable now he´s on solely the fighting juice Aus dem Kontext hera4 Replies
keep fightingLast post 29 Feb 08, 11:26
You keep fighting. dank für die übersetzung.1 Replies