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clutter, flatter, flitter, fluster, fluter, fluttery Flitter, Fluter, Fluttor, Futter, futtern

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flutterLast post 05 Nov 06, 12:23
remembering with a fl. of anger Anflug von ....?2 Replies
flutter - GlücksspielLast post 30 Sep 12, 19:49
Passport controls crossing from Turkey into Georgia have been eased, meaning Turkish tourist…4 Replies
to flutterLast post 31 Mar 10, 11:51
He fluttered: "The song is about high-class call girl - one of those bowler-hat, black-suspe…1 Replies
flutter-tonguingLast post 26 Feb 10, 08:56
This is a musical technique, where one blows into a wind instrument while vibrating or 'flut…2 Replies
flutter of spiritsLast post 22 Mar 09, 21:18
She came with a smiling face and in a flutter of spirits. Emma by Jane Austen8 Replies
flutter of soft flakesLast post 11 Mar 09, 14:55
The flutter of soft flakes against the roof had become the common patter of raindrops. Wie …4 Replies
atrial flutter - HerzkammerflatternLast post 27 Jun 17, 13:42
habe leider nichts schriftliches parat. Kann das bitte wer nachtragen? Das klingt nach Haars…4 Replies
to flutter an eyelash at so.Last post 19 Dec 14, 22:26
Mrs. Rice-Davies said she didn't seduce Lord Astor. I didn't even flutter an eyelash at him.…6 Replies
atrial flutter - das HerzkammerflatternLast post 22 May 09, 14:04
Dorland's Medical Dictionary 2007: atrial flutter: a cardiac arrhythmia in which the atri2 Replies
(crawl but with scissor kicks instead of flutter kicks)Last post 11 Feb 10, 19:24
So wird der Unterschied zwischen Kraulen und Hand-über-Hand-Schwimmen erklärt. Kann mir das…1 Replies

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