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filer, flayer, fleer, flier, foyer, fryer, layer Foyer, Layer, Lyder

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"Flyer Alarm"Last post 16 Feb 21, 08:40
What does this two words together mean for English people? What do they think of when they h…18 Replies
flyer, leaflet, circular, pamphlet, brochure - FlyerLast post 09 Feb 04, 15:01
http://www.eurocogsci03.uos.de/misc.shtml The Anglicism seems to be pretty common in Saxony…22 Replies
Ausreisser - flyerLast post 15 Aug 08, 22:27
Ich habe ein paar mal den Begriff "flyer" als Übersetzung für "Ausreisser" bei statistischen…7 Replies
Ausreisser - flyerLast post 24 Jul 08, 15:26
Ich habe ein paar mal den Begriff "flyer" als Übersetzung für "Ausreisser" bei statistischen…0 Replies
flysheet - VorsatzblattLast post 14 Mar 05, 00:37
Offenbar eine Verwechslung1 Replies
Formulierungshilfe für FlyerLast post 02 Mar 10, 16:37
"Most of the course is run by means of practical exercises that give the participants the ex…3 Replies
flyerLast post 19 Mar 08, 09:38
The flyer, though 't had leaden feet, Turned round so quick, you scarce could see 't; But sl…4 Replies
brochure, pamphelet, leaflet and flyerLast post 30 Mar 16, 20:10
Hi to all!Question again. ;-(Can someone help me by telling me the difference bt. brochure, …12 Replies
collateral - Werbemittel, Broschüren und FlyerLast post 15 Mar 14, 23:55
English Man English: Translation of collaterals - Deutsch: Übersetzung von Broschüren und Fl…8 Replies
to flyerLast post 19 May 08, 21:39
everyone else is going to flyer at some gig so i will start to get drunk in my hotel room ;)…1 Replies