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identity vs. IdentityLast post 02 Oct 10, 12:33
John Falk agrees that identity ranges from identity (with a small i) to Identity (with a cap…4 Replies
identityLast post 02 Jul 07, 19:33
is it possible to use an article with the term identity? context:A "hybrid identity" is an …6 Replies
identityLast post 16 Jul 08, 11:18
While he studied the Koran, Islam was not the cornerstone of his identity. Wie übersetzt ma…1 Replies
Insight identity - Insight into identityLast post 03 Nov 09, 09:56
Als Satz: We think insight identity Frage an englischsprachige Muttersprachler: Wird so ein …2 Replies
identity theftLast post 25 Sep 02, 19:44
Gibt es dafür schon ein schönes neues deutsches Wort, das ich noch nicht kenne? Identitätsdi…12 Replies
identity negotiationLast post 27 Oct 06, 23:21
Identity negotiation occurs when members disclose information about themselves. Vielen Dank …7 Replies
identity politicsLast post 28 Mar 05, 00:32
This chapter has shown that Nigerian political culture is strongly influenced by identity po…1 Replies
contiguous identityLast post 26 Jul 06, 21:52
Does contiguous work with identity? Basically I am trying to convey the idea of a coherent,…1 Replies
corporate identityLast post 01 Aug 06, 13:48
Eine allgemeine Präsentationsvorlage soll das "corporate identity" der Projektteilnehmer erl…13 Replies
federated identityLast post 12 Sep 07, 08:34
The second indication that a single trust domain model of identity would not work—especially f2 Replies

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