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sentimental=kitschig? - dann sentimental?!Last post 18 Jan 07, 14:38
heute im deutschunterricht kam die frage auf, ob sentimal die richtige entsprechung für das …2 Replies
sentimental - pilchrigLast post 02 Dec 05, 08:15
In der Literaturbeilage der Süddeutschen Zeitung: "Der Roman ist etwas zu pilchrig geraten" …1 Replies
sentimental SosoLast post 07 Dec 07, 13:20
Es geht darum in einem Gedicht darum, dass Stalin persönlich sein Geburtshaus als von museal…5 Replies
sentimental geekLast post 27 Nov 06, 18:05
Ryan adams adams song Sentimental geek / shut up and go to sleep was heißt es genau?es kommt…3 Replies
sentimental journeyLast post 20 Oct 11, 13:26
"This is where I lived from when Iwas one year old to when I was about twelve", he told his …13 Replies
syrupy - sentimentalLast post 08 Jun 09, 18:36
Prayer: Lord Jesus, teach us the hard lessons of humility and service. Forgive us for turnin…5 Replies
sentimental-narrative outrageLast post 04 Jan 16, 11:45
We touch on this years Oscar’s and the supposed snubbing of Ava DuVernay’s Martin Luther Kin…9 Replies
overly sentimental personLast post 30 Jul 16, 11:31
I can't think of a German word either; I'm looking for a word describing somebody very emoti…12 Replies
ooey-gooey - sentimentalLast post 29 Oct 09, 15:50
As the push from '65 to '75 to '85 in this country came along, we began to explore generic s…0 Replies
sentimental measures, rising bearishnessLast post 21 Jul 07, 21:52
My guess is that the deepening gloom will lead to more weakness in equities, more strength i…1 Replies

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