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teen, teensy, teeny, tense Teeny

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low teens / mid teens / high teensLast post 05 Feb 07, 13:20
sämtliche Treffer mit "in the low teens", "in the mid teens" und "in the high teens" bei ein…17 Replies
teensLast post 22 Dec 09, 12:23
teens beschreibt im Englischen die folgenden Zahlen nach der 10 (11, 12 ,13.... Gibt es in d…3 Replies
Activities for American teens in StuttgartLast post 25 Nov 10, 19:23
Next summer (2011) I will be taking students to Stuttgart. We are going with another high sc…67 Replies
Munich tips for late teens (male)Last post 07 Sep 17, 18:37
What can I recommend for two "boys" 17 and 18 on their Munich trip. Both very interested in …16 Replies
Image of US among young German teensLast post 19 Oct 09, 11:18
My 8th grader told me about a project her class did on how they view their future as adults.…33 Replies
mid-teensLast post 19 Jun 07, 11:11
But it said that as a result, its profit margins should increase from 10.1% to the mid-teens…1 Replies
Children and teens earning money in D-landLast post 24 Oct 08, 20:37
The US has a culture of babysitters, lawnmowers, paper carriers etc., adolesents who earn th…31 Replies
Mid teensLast post 29 Jun 07, 05:37
Can I say: I was in my mid teens?3 Replies
in one's middle teens - im mittlerenTeenageralterLast post 20 Apr 12, 11:21
I clearly remember one summer in my middle teens saving the hay with my father. We were turn…8 Replies
1910s (nineteen teens)Last post 02 Jul 09, 22:40
In the 1910s and 20s... (nineteen teens and twenties)12 Replies