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upfold Unhold

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hold, sustain

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to upholdLast post 26 Jun 08, 10:13
"What sort of values and ethics do you need to uphold in your work?" Mir ist unklar, wie "u…2 Replies
uphold - hüten?Last post 12 Apr 11, 22:49
The judicial branch upholds federal and state constitutions and other laws. Ist 'hüten' hier…4 Replies
uphold the chargeLast post 19 Nov 16, 13:21
The court upheld the FDA's charge that a substance was not GRAS based on the testimony of fi…3 Replies
uphold an ideaLast post 24 Mar 22, 09:33
Our test centre upholds the idea of safety. Hätte jemand einen kreativen Vorschlag, um "häl…9 Replies
having st. yet to upholdLast post 18 May 18, 12:54
"...1920, the Supreme Court had yet to uphold a single free speech claim." (Wiki: ACLU) Sin…3 Replies
they uphold the party lineLast post 21 Jun 10, 10:18
Executives withhold information until necessary; when confronted by rumors, they uphold the …1 Replies
an etwas halten... - to uphold?Last post 03 Oct 07, 15:02
Das Unternehmen gehört der Holding 'XY' die 100% an der 'GmbH ZV' hält. The company pertain…2 Replies
uphold a complaint - eine Klage aufrechterhaltenLast post 08 Nov 11, 13:00
aus einem Schreiben an ein Sozialgericht: "I ask the court to uphold XY's complaint..." Um w…18 Replies
fail to uphold the traditions of the huntLast post 17 Mar 11, 13:35
Diejenigen werden bestraft, die "fail to uphold the traditons of the hunt." Aus einem Text …3 Replies
Ehre aufrechterhalten - uphold the honour of a person (maintain, keep up?)Last post 15 Mar 10, 19:55
Ehre von etw./jdm aufrechterhalten0 Replies

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