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amble, amply, ampul, ampule, apple, Maple, maple, sample Ampel, Lampe, Pampe, Rampe, Sample, Wampe

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comprehensive Letzter Beitrag: ­ 19 Apr. 10, 22:56
Hello I'd like to know what to different between comprehensive and ample is. Do they mean e…2 Antworten
ample experienceLetzter Beitrag: ­ 17 Mai 11, 09:10
Wenn ich mir die Übersetzungen, die Leo für ample bietet http://dict.leo.org/ende?lp=ende&lang5 Antworten
ample permissionLetzter Beitrag: ­ 28 Apr. 06, 20:41
You need ample permission to turn off some of your sensitivity to the need of others. Aus de…1 Antworten
ample spaceLetzter Beitrag: ­ 16 Mai 07, 01:52
There will be ample space to accommodate the anticipated delegate numbers. ich kenne das wo…2 Antworten
ample moral visionLetzter Beitrag: ­ 07 Jul. 09, 19:41
Her moral vision may have been less ample than her sister’s but she was not without scruples.8 Antworten
there is ample factLetzter Beitrag: ­ 18 Mär. 08, 10:22
"There is ample fact and plenty of evidence proving this incident was organised, premeditate…2 Antworten
notified in ample timeLetzter Beitrag: ­ 16 Feb. 15, 18:08
The location may change, and the company delegations will be notified in ample time, if so. 5 Antworten
ample, a little extra paddingLetzter Beitrag: ­ 26 Apr. 07, 12:55
"He has a ample body" oder "he is a little extra padding" Slime, large usw. ist schon klar,…6 Antworten
ample number of hotel rooms availableLetzter Beitrag: ­ 31 Mär. 09, 18:13
There are an ample number of hotel rooms available, just call to reserve. Es stehen Ihnen re…1 Antworten
ample proof - hinreichender Beweis (law), klarer Beweis (polit.)Letzter Beitrag: ­ 10 Mär. 03, 09:10
Congressman Jerrold Nadler (U.S. House of Representatives) - BILL OF PERMANENT PARTNERS IMM…1 Antworten

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