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co-operative Kooperative

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Ist occupation cooperative überhaupt ein englischer Terminus? Treffer auf Marriam-Webster.…0 Replies
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Das Büro für Wohnbauförderung arbeitet mit rund 100 Baugenossenschaften, Stiftungen und Vere…1 Replies
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Wie eine Kommune Entwicklungsprojekte betreibt und mit dem Ergebnis wirtschaftlich arbeitet,…9 Replies
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9th cooperative course Polytrauma Management - 9. Gemeinschaftskurs Polytrauma Management6 Replies
Verbraucherkooperative - consumer cooperativeLast post 15 Feb 10, 16:37
Legal forms of non-profit organisations include consumer cooperatives. Kann man Verbraucherk…1 Replies
Barbie: an unexpected German-US cooperative effortLast post 13 Mar 08, 22:50
I just listened to a bio. on the doll we love to hate (or hate to love depending). Here is o…1 Replies
cooperative programmLast post 13 Nov 08, 08:56
The leading worldwide cooperative program of major companies... wie kann ich diesen Satzbau…1 Replies
cooperative movementLast post 28 Nov 06, 14:24
The foundation for development of india`s dairy industry was the cooperative movement in the…2 Replies
cooperative industryLast post 05 Jan 13, 12:27
In diesem Zusammenhang: He established a homegrown textile cooperative industry in his count…3 Replies
Cooperative learningLast post 28 May 09, 17:35
"The research clearly indicates that cooperation, compared with competitive and individualis…4 Replies