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described, describer

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pose, constitute, depict

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Beschreiben - DescribeLast post 17 Aug 10, 15:57
Beschreibe sie mal...vielleicht will ich sie dann auch haben. Die Rede ist von Schuhen. ;-)…2 Replies
denote, describe, designateLast post 28 May 13, 00:10
Was ist der Unterschied zwischen den drei Verben? This term ... different forms of ... Wel…6 Replies
to describe toLast post 24 Feb 20, 18:16
What my dad is doing right now is both despicable and brilliant, which probably describes th…5 Replies
power to describeLast post 08 Apr 14, 14:26
Für einen Vortrag möchte ich folgenden Satz in Deutsch verwenden: Authority is the power to…9 Replies
Describe ranges / Abschnitte definierenLast post 30 Oct 09, 13:47
My (German) colleague likes to describe ranges like this: "should be available for…4 Replies
describe him in detailLast post 20 May 08, 11:22
'Describe him in detail' 'Beschreib ihn ausfuehrlich'2 Replies
to describe something as (?)Last post 29 Jul 09, 15:17
ganzer Satz: Rusiecki and Mondorf describe the periphrastic comparison as more complex than…3 Replies
eyebrows (adjectives to describe them)Last post 29 May 11, 20:54
Are the following adjectives to describe the " eyebrow(s) / Augenbraue(n)" correct? 1) the…4 Replies
"exhausting" to describe a personLast post 13 Dec 21, 11:46
For example "an exhausting child" - can "erschöpfend" or "ermüdend" be used of a person, and…5 Replies
heiße Nummer (to describe woman) Last post 21 Feb 06, 04:21
Die Frau ist eine heiße Nummer. I know that this term means that a woman is attractive, but …52 Replies

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