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fix, shape, establish, form, arrange, make, describe

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constituteLast post 08 Dec 06, 16:22
When a group discusses a question of value, its aim is to make a jugdment about what constit…1 Replies
constituteLast post 22 Oct 08, 08:48
The selection of materials has to avoid constitute galvanized cell.4 Replies
constituteLast post 08 Jul 08, 10:09
Each warranty shall constitute and remain in force... Was bedeutet "constitute" in diesem F…17 Replies
constituteLast post 13 Mar 08, 18:31
Participation in a meeting pursuant to this section shall constitute presence in person at t…3 Replies
constitute Last post 29 Sep 09, 13:41
The number of directors constituting the initial Board of Directors of this corporation is o…2 Replies
constitute, thickenns Last post 23 Feb 05, 17:54
Hi Leute sitz mal wieder in der Klaemme Was heissen die zwei oben angegebenen Woerter im Z…2 Replies
to constituteLast post 20 Feb 07, 20:53
the world of men simply constitutes a part of the natural world Die Welt der Männer machtet…5 Replies
constitute disapproval Last post 08 Jul 15, 19:12
In the event Members holding less than a majority of the Percentage Interests have approved …3 Replies
constitute surreptitiously Last post 12 Dec 12, 11:26
Since the Nazi justice system construed Manthey’s actions to constitute surreptitiously aidi…2 Replies
abschliessend wiedergeben - constitute conclusivelyLast post 12 Jan 16, 03:08
Nochmal Dienstleistungsvertrag...Gegeben:"Die vorliegende Vereinbarung gibt sämtliche Verein…1 Replies