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Orthographically similar words

divide, diviner, diving

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forebode, soothsay, presage

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divine - der Geistliche (ein Geistlicher)Last post 25 Jun 08, 07:45
NOAD: divine¹ - ... n. 1: [dated] a cleric or theologian. Webster's 3rd unabridged: ²divine…1 Replies
divine personal/ possessive pronounsLast post 16 Jan 08, 22:25
In AE, it is common to write "He" and "His" with capital letters when referring to God. Ist…5 Replies
Gottesnähe - divine vicinity Last post 29 Oct 05, 12:33
Sprache als Dimension der Gottesnähe und Göttlichkeit es geht um Bindeglied der Sprache zwis…4 Replies
Gottähnlichkeit - divine likenessLast post 01 Feb 11, 18:42
Im jüdischen und christlichen Glauben ist der Begriff Gottähnlichkeit ein elementarer Bestan…2 Replies
divine justiceLast post 10 Jun 07, 23:01
Ridiculously, he tried to argue with me that the Tsunami was a sign of divine justice for th…7 Replies
political DivineLast post 25 Jun 08, 09:23
"The political Divine proceeds dogmatically to assert, that by the principles of The Revolut…18 Replies
love divineLast post 25 May 09, 08:47
... neben der Übersetzung wär ich auch noch dankbar für einen Satz in den "love divine" ein…4 Replies
divine judgementLast post 22 Jul 09, 21:51
Is there a German word for divine judgement, as in Biblical and other references?1 Replies
divine worshipLast post 27 Sep 09, 22:36
In this way, their thinking machine, according to Noble, "reflected a new form of divine wor…1 Replies
divine potterLast post 28 Jul 09, 18:07
They used this expression in the last Top Gear episode (13x6). The complete sentense was thi…2 Replies