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amply, dimly, dimply, impel, limply, pimply, simply, wimpy

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implicate, comprise, entail

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express/implyLast post 06 Jan 05, 02:04
The parties make no covenants or agreements, express or implied, except as expressly set for…4 Replies
implication implyLast post 11 Jul 11, 21:30
Sind die Wörter "implication" und "imply" nicht miteinander verwandt? Also Nomen - Verb? Mac…1 Replies
imply - bedingenLast post 30 Nov 10, 13:41
In assignment theory, educational mismatches imply skill mismatches. Bildungs-Mismatches bed…1 Replies
"...imply or intimate..."Last post 31 May 09, 17:11
Aus einem Text über Dokumentarfilm: Performative films rely much less heavily on argument th…1 Replies
which is correct? "imply about" or "imply for"Last post 23 Nov 07, 22:12
Example: What does this point imply for/about your main argument? Possibly the sentence is …11 Replies
to imply sth literally or figurativelyLast post 02 Jun 21, 14:45
Hi! I was just reading this post here:…2 Replies
..., which mean/ means?? ..which imply/impliesLast post 31 Aug 08, 16:39
..., which mean/ means?? ..which imply/implies Wird bei solchen sätzen die etwas erklären…1 Replies
which the words imply or signifyLast post 15 May 07, 21:54
Vikalpa is that knowledge which the words imply or signify, but for which there is no realit…5 Replies
to suggest - suggerierenLast post 01 May 20, 23:09
imply -- suggerieren > suggerieren does not mean "Suggest" (vorschlag) rather to imply9 Replies
"towards a definition" -> what does it imply to you?Last post 29 May 16, 19:43
Hi there, I'm currently writing my thesis and thinking about naming one of my headings "plac…4 Replies

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