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ballas, industrially, commercial

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industrialLast post 19 May 10, 15:31
Yellow houses, both crumbling and remodeled, stood clustered together, their red-tiled roofs…1 Replies
industrial-gradeLast post 24 May 09, 16:00
The New York Times said a Chinese chemical maker had sold the industrial-grade chemical as g…5 Replies
industrial disruptionLast post 24 Apr 07, 11:11
In the event of industrial disruption or other unforeseen circumstances, the organiser accep…1 Replies
industrial clerkLast post 14 Oct 07, 17:41
schreibt man berufe in einer bewerbung groß? volunteer, class representative, industrial cl…1 Replies
Industrial PolicyLast post 07 Nov 07, 12:37
Industrial Policies are government policies designed to create new industries or to support …7 Replies
industrial participantLast post 10 Aug 07, 16:28
x und y are acting als industrial participants for the development and production of the air…3 Replies
industrial ecologyLast post 18 Sep 07, 09:47
Hallo, does anybody know how to translate the "new" science of industrial ecology into Germa…2 Replies
industrial giantsLast post 17 Jan 09, 20:59
graduates of our schools have gone to work in industrial giants... Gibt es einen besseren A…1 Replies
industrial-sizedLast post 02 Feb 09, 16:53
transforming a second-hand pine table with black paint and the addition of industrial-sized …1 Replies
industrial strengthLast post 02 Apr 09, 18:15
industrial strength 1 - In information technology, industrial strength is a characteristic …20 Replies

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