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interpretation / analysis - InterpretationLast post 31 Oct 06, 20:07
no source, just a question Can you use the terms "interpretation / to interpret" in the sens…2 Replies
interpretationLast post 18 Nov 10, 14:00
"I see the newcomers (neighbours) have arrived," mom says. "And the baby," I say. "The baby?…2 Replies
INTERPRETATIONLast post 09 Jan 08, 11:32
Important: since our mother language is the Italian language, the English version here below…3 Replies
backward interpretation / forward interpretationLast post 16 Jul 09, 18:19
In terms of mental constructs, ordinary discovery is a ’backward’ interpretation in a se2 Replies
construal - InterpretationLast post 28 Apr 06, 14:27
[] construal (an interpretation of the m…0 Replies
inhaltliche InterpretationLast post 09 May 07, 18:52
thx2 Replies
text interpretationLast post 31 Oct 06, 14:33
Can you use the terms "interpretation / to interpret" in the sense of the German words "Inte…1 Replies
vorsichtige InterpretationLast post 02 Jan 08, 15:44
Aufgrund des geringen Umfangs der Studienpopulation müssen die Ergebnisse jedoch vorsichtig …4 Replies
Charitable interpretationLast post 07 Oct 09, 21:27
In his chapter on Hempel, Ruben fails to give a charitable interpretation to some of H1 Replies
Songtext InterpretationLast post 30 Nov 09, 16:40
What are you gonna do when the hounds are calling? What are you gonna do when the hounds are…3 Replies

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