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maceLast post 23 Oct 14, 17:53
Zitat aus einem Artikel der keninaischen Nation (http://www.nation.co.ke/counties/Members-cl…26 Replies
mace - KeuleLast post 26 Aug 06, 20:31
I ask for the removal of the above translation. Here's the discussion: As far as I underst…18 Replies
mace - Macis / Mazis / MuskatblüteLast post 09 Jul 06, 13:23
wikipedia.org Der Eintrag mace = Muskatblüte existiert bereits in LEO. Im bereich der Leben…6 Replies
Mace dispenserLast post 09 Sep 10, 14:39
...Anne produced a Mace dispenser from her shoulder bag. Dieser Satz stammt aus einem Krimi…6 Replies
Mace GunLast post 01 Apr 10, 22:42
I now know what a mace gun looks like. Kolbengewehr??3 Replies
"mace" als Waffe, doch nicht KeuleLast post 26 Oct 09, 15:57
Hallöchen! Ich suche nach der passenden Bedeutung des Wortes "mace", denn alle in leo aufg…14 Replies
to spray maceLast post 09 Jul 14, 16:07
... tied him to a chair with zip ties, and sprayed mace on his face until he bled. Aus eine…6 Replies
MACE (National Assembly for Wales)Last post 27 Sep 10, 16:19
Made from gold, silver and brass, the mace was a gift from the Parliament of New South Wales…2 Replies
pepper spray / OC spray - das (auch: der) PfeffersprayLast post 04 Nov 17, 12:25
AE also 'mace' ...AusE also 'capsicum spray'? ...Auch "OC spray" oder "OC mace" genannt. OC …1 Replies
what's the difference between 'tear gas' and 'mace'? Last post 09 Sep 10, 14:45
"... had to be dispersed by tear gas and Mace".9 Replies