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boost, frost, roast, robot, root, rooty Frost, Prost, prost, Rost, Trost

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roostLast post 21 Sep 07, 14:03
"The XY is the most versatile roost protector we've ever built." "The XY is the lightest roo…4 Replies
roost-mateLast post 25 Nov 12, 19:07
In Bezug auf Fledermaeuse.6 Replies
ruin the roostLast post 19 Oct 11, 15:31
... But by the time the Civil War broke out, American whiskies “ruined the roost”. Bourbon a…2 Replies
chickens come home to roost...Last post 13 Sep 11, 07:48
Everything changed the day terrorists brought those chickens home to roost in New York City.…4 Replies
nursery roost {bats} - die Wochenstube {Fledermäuse}Last post 19 May 09, 06:27
http://dict.leo.org/forum/viewWrongentry.php?idThread=330061&idForum=7&lp=ende&lang=de 0 Replies
his chicken had come home to roostLast post 19 Aug 10, 11:00
aus "Creating the Perfect Englishman" von Prof. Akbar Ahmed Im Text geht es um die Minute o…23 Replies
to roost - of bird or bat\t \t - rasten |rastete, gerastet|Last post 05 Aug 07, 20:17
Der Eintrag ist in Hinblick auf die dt. Seite für Fledermäuse nicht richtig. Bei diesen spri…17 Replies
chickens come home to roost - Böse Taten fallen auf den Übeltäter zurück.Last post 17 Sep 09, 13:32
chickens come home to roost - a proverb meaning that you have to face the consequences of yo…4 Replies
to roost - leben - z. B. Tiere mit Tages- oder Nachtquartier in der VegetationLast post 30 Jun 13, 09:13
http://dict.leo.org/ende/index_de.html#/search=roost&searchLoc=0&resultOrder=basic&multi2 Replies
the cock of the walk - der Hahn im KorbeLast post 27 Sep 06, 13:57
"cock" means rooster, but is most often used as slang for penis! thus the proposed correctio…3 Replies

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