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ascent, cent, scant, scene, spent, stent Cent, Senat, Stent

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perfume, smell, fragrance

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scentLast post 19 Dec 09, 19:20
Freddie Mercury - Guide me Home "now the scent has left my trial" bitt um hilfe, danke,gru…7 Replies
scent markings - DuftmarkierungenLast post 09 Jun 09, 19:37
Territories are marked and defended with scent markings http://www.ikkeweer.net/english/aust…4 Replies
devine scentLast post 15 May 06, 17:31
Im Song "Heartbeats" von Jose Gonzales ist die Rede von "devine scent". Doch wie kann das üb…2 Replies
scent trailsLast post 03 Feb 08, 17:24
Wombats leave scent trails to mark their feeding grounds. ich suche ein passendes deitsches…4 Replies
scent duftLast post 01 Dec 09, 12:53
same bachelor thesis as always looking for a good closing sentence quote "some cultures ar…7 Replies
organic scentLast post 23 Feb 16, 11:17
Die Frau befindet sich in einem alten, seit vielen Jahren leerstehenden Haus auf einer Insel…3 Replies
scent and stenchLast post 09 Nov 07, 10:16
Hello, does anybody know the exact difference between scent, odour and fragrance (and on the…16 Replies
signature scent - DuftmarkeLast post 31 Oct 14, 10:45
In meinem Kalender ist heute eine Karikatur: zwei Hexen, die in einem Kessel rühren. Der Beg…5 Replies
scent / fragrance / odour / perfumeLast post 20 Mar 12, 09:30
Could you please tell me the difference between these words? The German translation does not…1 Replies
odor, smell, scent etc.Last post 04 Apr 05, 15:19
Kann mir jemand die Unterschiede zwischen odor, smell, scent, fragrance, perfume erklären?9 Replies

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