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Orthographically similar words

geek, leek, meek, peek, reek, see, See, Seed, seed, seem, Seen, seen, seep, seer, seme, sere, sleek, week See, Sekt

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search, strive, aspire

Forum discussions containing the search term

"Seek"Last post 07 Nov 07, 16:43
Hi ! I need some help, please =). I was just writing a poem and I wrote "Our greatest seek"…10 Replies
suchen : seek/searchLast post 30 Oct 08, 17:27
Kann mir bitte jemand den genauen Unterschied zwischen "seek" & "search" erklären?8 Replies
seek + a refuge ?Last post 17 Apr 13, 21:26
Hey, can you "seek a refuge" or can't you "seek" a place ? 3 Replies
to seek for understandingLast post 02 Sep 07, 18:49
Is it possible to say We are seeking for your understanding in this matter. ? Thank you fo…3 Replies
Unterschied zwischen seek und search?Last post 16 Jul 09, 01:33
Could you explain me the difference between search and seek? I just did't get it. Lisa5 Replies
seek, search and looking for?Last post 07 Aug 02, 03:31
seek, search and looking for? What are the differences? Was sind die Unterschiede bzw. wann …6 Replies
to seek something - etwas versuchenLast post 30 Jun 05, 15:37
Interpretation eines amerikanischen Texts I seek to combine different tasks Ich versuche, ve…0 Replies
to play hide-and-seek - Suchen spielen - landschaftlichLast post 14 Jan 12, 19:51
http://www.duden.de/rechtschreibung/suchen 1.a: sich bemühen, jemanden, etwas Verlorenes, Ve…1 Replies
seek supportLast post 11 Apr 09, 12:05
The changing fortunes of government and opposition parties, especially when signalling the p…9 Replies
seek indicationLast post 30 May 08, 10:15
X is seeking a pediatric indication for active immunization against invasive pneumococcal di…2 Replies