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Orthographically similar words

nap, napa, nape, neap, sap, slap, snag, snape, snip, soap, swap Napf, Snag, Soap, Swap

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burst, tear, sever, break, rupture, snatch, crack

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snap elections - vorgezogene NeuwahlenLast post 15 Mar 12, 12:09
Snap election A snap election is an election called earlier than scheduled. Generally it re…0 Replies
snapLast post 15 Jun 15, 18:23
In meinem Roman geht es um eine Geldübergabe. Der Empfänger der beträchtlichen Summe zieht e…15 Replies
snap-fit [ING.] snap-fit [TECH.] - der Rasthaken, der Schnapphaken, der EinrasthakenLast post 08 Jan 20, 22:06
https://books.google.de/books?id=7Qq_vknrP4kC&pg=PA401&lpg=PA401&dq=%22snap-fit%22+dicti0 Replies
snap - fauchenLast post 19 Sep 07, 14:04
From the original English version of Harry Potter, Book 5: "This sort of thing ought to be c…1 Replies
to snap - keifenLast post 28 Oct 15, 16:09
to snap: ,,To speak abruptly or sharply: [he] snapped at the child." http://www.thefreedict…9 Replies
to snap - überschnappenLast post 11 Feb 13, 16:07
snap ~~ VERB to snap (to go crazy) ~~\tüberschnappen aus http://de.pons.eu/englisch-de…4 Replies
Snap distance - Fangradius Last post 23 Dec 09, 14:38
http://www.geoinformatik.uni-rostock.de/einzel.asp?ID=6750 Replies
snapLast post 09 Mar 07, 14:19
http://www.smartcomputing.com/editorial/article.asp?article=articles/2001/s1205/22s05/22s05.…4 Replies
SnapLast post 21 Jun 07, 18:27
"If you are drawing a line that must meet another exactly, you can instruct the CAD-program …1 Replies
snapLast post 13 Jun 16, 13:17
I am looking for a German equivalent for "snap"- the context is to put or slot something int…10 Replies