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    snap (Verb)

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Orthographically similar words

napped, snapper

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something snapped - es war der letzte TropfenLast post 12 Feb 14, 12:22
http://dict.leo.org/#/search=snapped&searchLoc=0&resultOrder=basic&multiwordShowSingle=o3 Replies
His male snapped???Last post 26 Jun 11, 17:41
"I don't think an idiot such as yourself would even recognize advice," Kenneth retorted, "le…6 Replies
'No!', she snapped.Last post 16 Mar 15, 23:03
'to snap' im Sinne einer knappen, scharfen Äußerung oder Entgegnung. Collins definiert: to s…15 Replies
snapped his chin upLast post 11 Aug 07, 11:24
He snapped his chin up and eyed him, thinking, maybe here is where we finally throw down. E…1 Replies
something inside him snappedLast post 13 Sep 10, 14:25
"I love you." Something inside him snapped and he let out a deep breath. Nachdem er eine Lie5 Replies
Why are you snapped?Last post 24 Oct 09, 14:44
Was heißt das? danke6 Replies
my life snapped into realityLast post 14 Sep 14, 09:58
I love to drive, listening to music. Always Joan Jet: when I found her as a teenager my life…8 Replies
snapped his napkin across his lapLast post 04 Mar 14, 16:01
Hat jemand eine Idee für einen passenden deutschen Ausdruck? Mir fällt nichts ein, obwohl i…6 Replies
That sure snapped me to attention - Das hat mich wach gerütteltLast post 06 Jun 07, 01:29
Ich lag heute morgen fast noch im Tiefschlaf, als ich ein unerwartete Anruf von ein potentie…19 Replies
eine Buchseite war umgeknickt - one corner of a book page was snappedLast post 28 Apr 10, 20:22
Es geht um eine Reklamation. Bei dem gelieferten Buch waren Softumschlag und mehrere Buchsei…2 Replies