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trulyLast post 25 Feb 07, 21:55
US actions appear in contrast to be motivated by ulterior motives, and deliberately controll…11 Replies
trulyLast post 08 Jan 08, 23:06
Yes, master, your servant truly I am! Hallo, was heißt das auf Deutsch? "Ja, Herr, dein Di…3 Replies
yours truly - ich selberLast post 16 Sep 15, 18:28
SOURCES: Merriam-Webster Online - I, me, myself - http://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/…63 Replies
(Ich bin) Dein. Wahrhaftig/Ehrlich. - Yours. Truly. /Yours (truly)Last post 01 Jul 20, 03:51
Ich suche einen romantischen und ernstgemeinten Abschluss unter einen Brief, in dem man jmd.…4 Replies
second trulyLast post 22 May 06, 19:22
Cape Kidnappers is the second truly great golf course created by Julian Robertson. liege ich…1 Replies
Truly YoursLast post 04 Mar 05, 21:41
How does it seem to end a letter like this: Truly Yours, John Johnson It it as formal as "Y…1 Replies
Adverb for Substantiv? "A truly modern community"Last post 10 Feb 07, 16:45
Hallo, ich kenne diese Satzstellung aus der englischen Umganssprache bin mir aber nicht sic…2 Replies
'out of many we are truly one'Last post 19 May 17, 08:31
Aus einer Obama Rede, Datum habe ich gerade nicht.Ich stelle es bewusst NICHT in Land und Le…20 Replies
It's yours trulyLast post 11 Sep 03, 10:06
-13 Replies
truly objective contemplationLast post 28 Mar 07, 13:33
Truly objective contemplation is something which a man of my temprament cannot achieve in un…3 Replies